Purple Cabbage Appetizer Pink Sultan And Mayonnaise Recipe

Purple cabbage appetizer recipe
Materials for 100 people
4 purple cabbage
100 grams salt
10 lemons
1 liter grape vinegar
80 grams of garlic
 a bunch of parsley
8 pounds of yogurt
3 kilos of mayonnaise
Materials for mayonnaise
5 egg yolks
2 lemons
3 liters of liquid sunflower oil
Some salt
  Hello, Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to everyone happy days
Pink sultan meze recipe
We will prepare an appetizer consisting of yoghurt mayonnaise and purple cabbage
We will do enough for a hundred people
Four purple cabbages
Ten lemons
One liter grape juice
Hundred grams of salt
Three kilos of mayonnaise
Eight kilos of yogurt
a bunch of parsley
Eighty grams of garlic
We need a sharp blade
It is necessary to use gloves to protect from the purple lahanan’s color
There is a waiting period of two days after preparing the purple cabbage
Take the outer leaves of purple cabbage
 Cut the root and cut it out with a knife
Sieve very finely
The chopping process is over now we are going to the mixing process
Add one hundred grams of salt and stir one turn
In a deep container and add lemon juice
We will use ten lemons and be organic
Add lemon juice and stir one round
Add grape juice
You have to wait 2 days in the closet like this
Add one liter of grape circe
After waiting 2 days in the closet
We go to the construction of mayonnaise
 Chilled steel cookware for mayonnaise, liquid sunflower oil, egg whiskey lemon juice a little salt
Separate the whites of the eggs
Add five egg rolls
Add lemon juice
Add some salt
 Add the liquid sunflower oil to the pet bottle
Prepare the mixer
Make a small hole in the pet bottle cap
Add liquid oil while egg whipping
Add liquid oil slowly
Mayonnaise starts to form
Multiply by adding oil
Add up to three kilos of mayonnaise
Add eight or ten kilos of yogurt
Mix yogurt and mayonnaise
Add some crushed garlic
Add purple cabbage into a strainer
You can thoroughly siphon the water and use this pink water again
Add the cabbages to the mixture in anhydrous form
Stir thoroughly
It is important to get the purple cabbage quite thin
2 days in salt vinegar and lemon juice
Purple cabbages will soften a bit
Chop some parsley and add on top
Purple cabbage meadow pink sultan ready
Bon Appetit
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